Culture secretary

Vaccine passports could be needed beyond nightclubs, culture secretary admits

It sparked speculation that Mr Johnson’s statement was an attempt to encourage young people to get vaccinated, given concerns about slow uptake among people aged 18 to 30.

On Friday, the Culture Secretary told Sky News: ‘My overall approach to certification – and that of the Prime Minister and the rest of government – is about all restrictions, we want the fewest restrictions for such a short period as possible. But if we need it to protect public health, we will.

“That’s why we said about very high risk venues – and a nightclub is an example of that; you have a lot of people who mingle very closely with each other; often poor ventilation – we will consider introducing certification for nightclubs towards the end of the month.

Mr Dowden said the government will ‘continue to engage with other sporting and cultural venues’, adding: ‘If there is a need to further extend this certification based on public health needs, we will consider doing so. But we are always reluctant to impose new charges on businesses unless we really have to.

It’s unclear exactly how the government plans to change the law to legally require certain places to use vaccine passports.

Dozens of Tory MPs have expressed concerns about the plans and indicated they are prepared to vote against the measures in the House of Commons.