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UK Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries wants Ukraine to host Eurovision 2023

On Saturday, Britain’s prime minister said Ukraine deserved to host Eurovision 2023. And now his culture secretary Nadine Dorries echoed that sentiment after speaking with his Ukrainian counterpart Oleksandr Tkachenko.

Ms Dorries tweeted that the government remained 100% ‘supporting that our Ukrainian friends have the opportunity to host Eurovision next year’ to ‘demonstrate to the world the enduring richness of Ukrainian culture and creativity’ .

She also called on the European Broadcasting Union to “review its decision and ensure that Ukraine’s proposals are fully and duly taken into account”.

Her tweets have been met with incredibly mixed responses, with many suggesting that as Britain’s Culture Minister she should be promoting… British culture.

@chrispoppe wrote: ‘You should support the UK’s opportunity to show the world how great our production could be. Do you realize that it takes a year to prepare to host the competition? »

@dawn_venton suggested it would be redundant for the EBU to consider Ukraine’s proposals a second time. Dawn wrote: “I think the point of asking the UK to host is that they have fully and duly considered it!!”

Ukraine wants EBU to reconsider hosting decision

The Ukrainian Minister of Culture has been clear from the start: he does not agree with the EBU’s decision to withdraw Eurovision 2023 from Ukraine. In a strongly worded statement, released shortly after the EBU announced it was in talks with the BBC, Mr Tkachenko said:

“In response to the published statement of the European Broadcasting Union on the impossibility of hosting Eurovision – 2023 in Ukraine, we would like to highlight the following.”

“Ukraine does not agree with the nature of such a decision – as we were faced with the fact without discussing other options. But we firmly believe that we have every reason to continue negotiations in order to find a common solution that will satisfy all parties. »

“We honestly won Eurovision and met all the conditions on time for the approval process for holding it in Ukraine – we provided answers and guarantees on safety standards and possible venues for the competition. “

“Hosting Eurovision 2023 in Ukraine is a strong signal to the world that he supports Ukraine now. We will demand to change this decision, because we believe that we will be able to fulfill all the commitments, as we have done on several occasions. [emphasised to] the European Broadcasting Union.

“That’s why we demand further negotiations on the organization of Eurovision 2023 in Ukraine.”