Culture shock

TikToker shares what gave her ‘culture shock’ when she moved to Canada and LOL (VIDEOS)

For newcomers to Canada, some of the things we Canucks don’t flinch at are apparently actually very strange to others.

TikTok user @sofiaweasleysilve, who describes herself as an “Italian in Quebec”, shared a few posts about some of the things that puzzled her when she moved from Europe.

From sticker shock over the cost of phone plans to struggles with Quebec French, here are a few things she expressed her confusion about.

In her first video, she says she was confident in her French skills since studying the language for eight years.

Unfortunately, it seems to her that the French used in the province is not the same as the one she studied.

“Me, I don’t understand a single word from Quebecers,” she says in a video while looking puzzled. In the same video, she says that when she tried to buy a SIM card with the Internet, she was confused that four gigabytes would cost $45 per month.

“Oh thank you…I’m sorry WHAT???”


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In her second video, she showed the very Canadian problem of getting ready to go out and snuggling up in her coat, hat and scarf, only to be way too hot inside.

She was also surprised that we were wearing t-shirts while relaxing at home.

“I’m shocked because in Italy we wear 10 nappies at home,” she shared.

Regarding laundry in rental units, she was surprised that in some places you had to leave your current home and go to a basement to use a shared washer and dryer.

And finally, she’s confused about Canadian toilets.

“Why is your water level so high? she wondered.


The last one kills me every time #cultureshocks #quebec #canada #italy #lifeabroad

The culture shock is real!

She’s not the only one troubled by things like this after arriving in Canada.

A German TikToker thinks the doors we have with the little push button to lock them are weird, while an English TikToker doesn’t understand why people gather in the parking lot of Tim Hortons when the weather is nice.

It’s all part of the Canadian experience!