Culture shock

The Jive Culture Shock returns for the second season!

  • The Jive Culture Shock returns for a second season on Saturday.
  • Episodes will air weekly online and tickets can be purchased on Quicket.
  • The “mini-musical-cultural” was filmed at the Artscape Theater under strict Covid-19 protocols.

The massively popular and uniquely Capetonian musical production with Cape Minstrels & Malay Choirs, Jive culture shock, returns for a new season of dance and performance – in association with Jive and YMA Consulting.

Performed and filmed at the Artscape Theater under strict Covid-19 protocols, Jive culture shock the musical production will be broadcast online every Saturday in November 2021, starting on Saturday.

The first season of this particularly popular production introduced South African audiences to the finest talents of the various Cape Minstrels & Malay Choirs, as this concept was born under the Covid-19 lockdown regulations in 2020.

The livelihoods of many artists and technicians have been affected by the ban on live events. And with the cancellation of local cultural events, producers saw an opportunity to provide a safe alternative to this type of cultural expression; As a result Jive culture shock was created, creating many job opportunities.

This production will see two teams face off with a 20-minute theatrical showcase throughout each of the three weekly episodes; a mini-musical-cultural, if you will!

All six teams will perform in the final, as they compete in the more traditional competition format of the English Comics and Nederlandse Lied categories, to determine the overall winner.

The winners will be chosen by a panel of selected judges, namely; Rushney Ferguson, Carlo Daniels, Felicia Lesch and Armien Vardien, with an additional guest judge appearing in each episode with commentary from guest audience members.

This year, the producers aim to empower participants by implementing professional training on and off stage, which includes training for social media managers with the help of Jive and 3Kilo and the addition of mentors who will improve skills and will help the teams in their productions.

The mentors who help teams reach their full potential on stage are Tashreeq De Villiers who facilitates stage performances, Kyle Stuurman who helps with choreography and Sam Crouch who facilitates vocal coaching. Musical director Tauriq Blignaut and conductor Brett Edwards will lead the incredible ten-piece band.

That’s not all, there will also be a charity donation campaign during each episode to raise funds for the Fusion Inyameko Foundation and the Red Cross Children’s Hospital Trust. Customers can donate through the Quicket platform when purchasing their tickets and are encouraged to pledge to these worthy causes.

Audience members can financially support their favorite teams by selecting their team name for each episode.

Buy your ticket (or reserve for each episode) and spread the word everywhere! Tickets available are now at

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