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Shadow culture secretary slams government royalty plans as ‘cultural vandalism’ Prolific North

Lucy Powell, MP for Manchester Central, has denounced Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries’ plan to cut BBC licensing fees, describing it as “cultural vandalism” on talkRADIO.

Dorries confirmed yesterday (January 17) that licensing fees are frozen for two years, before rising in line with inflation for four years, and pledged to review licensing fees, saying it s would “probably” act as a definitive license fee. announcement.

This means the BBC will receive a £2billion funding cut over the next six years. In an earlier tweet described by a Labor MP as “reckless”, the Culture Secretary said “the days of old people being threatened with jail time and bailiffs knocking on doors are over”.

He has been criticized by the shadow secretary for digital, culture, media and sport, both in parliament and in the media.

Addressing the House of Commons in response to Dorries’ announcement of license fees before the government had a solid alternative model in mind, Lucy Powell said: “Are license fees really at the heart of of the cost of living crisis? Or is it really on [the government’s] Longstanding vendetta against the BBC?

“Now it’s part of Operation Red Meat to stop the Prime Minister from becoming dead meat.”

Speaking on Julia Hartley-Brewer’s talkRADIO show, Powell continued: “The BBC is world famous and our unique model that we have… is known around the world. And with a simple tweet, the Secretary of Culture does cultural vandalism.

“That’s the only way to describe it. She didn’t offer any plans for the future of the BBC – she just said ‘that’s it’.”