Culture secretary

Nadine Dorries steps down as Culture Secretary following Boris Johnson’s resignation

Nadine Dorries is reportedly stepping down as Culture Secretary following the departure of Boris Johnson from 10 Downing Street.

Sources close to Dorries said she thought now was the best time to go.

The PA news agency understands that she had the option of continuing in the Cabinet, but instead opted to return to the backbenches.

She is now expected to receive a peerage in Mr Johnson’s resignation honors list, triggering a by-election in his Mid Bedfordshire constituency.

During the Tory leadership campaign, Dorries was a prominent supporter of Liz Truss and a vocal critic of Rishi Sunak – in a controversial tweet comparing him to Brutus stabbing Julius Caesar for the way he backfired on Mr Johnson.

She accused her fellow Tory MPs of staging a ‘coup’ against the outgoing Prime Minister, telling BBC Panorama: ‘I was quite amazed that there were people who thought that removing the Prime Minister who won the biggest majority we have had since Margaret Thatcher. in less than three years.

“The sheer undemocratic nature of what they are doing alone was enough to alarm me. And for me, it was a blast.

Dorries was also one of Johnson’s most vocal defenders during the “partygate” scandal. She branded a Commons Privileges Committee investigation into whether he lied to MPs a ‘witch hunt’, adding it represented ‘the most egregious abuse of power’.

Dorries was appointed Culture Secretary in September last year, having served as Minister of Health.

As minister, she helped craft legislation to curb social media companies through the Online Safety Bill and led controversial moves to privatize Channel 4.

Boris Johnson leaves Downing Street

It follows resignations from the front bench as Priti Patel announced she would step down as Home Secretary and Nigel Adams resigned from the Cabinet.

Boris Johnson left 10 Downing Street this morning to meet the Queen at Balmoral. In his leaving speech, he said “that’s it folks” before offering his “fervent support” for Liz Truss’ government.