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Lorde had ‘culture shock and felt like a freak’ after returning from hiatus

The New Zealand-born singer spoke to her fans about the “pretty wild adjustment” she went through to get back into the limelight ahead of the release of her third studio album.

The Royals singer opened up to her fans in a candid update on her recent comeback

She delighted fans last month with her return to the music business, and now Lorde has told them about her comeback in a personal letter.

Speaking in an email newsletter, the 24-year-old singer confessed to her followers that she “felt like a freak” adjusting to being a pop star again following the release of Solar Power in June.

“It’s still a pretty wild comeback to American life for me, especially because of the areas I’m moving to. I had a real culture shock,” the New Zealand-born star wrote.

““I felt like a freak, you know? Like a whimsical little goldfish in its own special bowl.”

Lorde confessed to her fans that she “felt like a freak” after her recent return to the public eye


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Lorde, whose upcoming third album will be her first since 2017’s Melodrama, was shunned from the spotlight for several years ahead of her promotional tour for her latest song.

On June 7, 2021, the Royals hitmaker drove fans and the internet crazy when she posted an image on her website, teasing her new single Solar Power, which was released ahead of schedule three days later due to leaks.

The summery song, co-written with frequent Taylor Swift collaborator Jack Antonoff, has received critical acclaim and the long-awaited album of the same name is due out next month.

After returning to the charts, the Green Light singer also reentered public life, taking part in interviews and media appearances after a few years away from the cameras.

In her note to her followers, the star admits it was “ridiculous” to act like a “pop star” after her absence from the stage.

Solar Power is the star’s first musical release since 2017

“I know you know this, but the world of pop stardom is ridiculous, extravagant, excessive and very look-oriented,” she wrote.

“I remember the deep weirdness when I was away from it for a while.”

In the past, Lorde has opened up about her relationship with fame and social media, and once famous didn’t post on social media for over three years.

The star, real name Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor, spoke of leaving the online world as a “godlike” experience.

“It was divine, I really like it,” she said on Australian radio show Ash London Live.

“I’m a shy and sensitive person. There’s a lot of information, I realize I was struggling all day with headlines and other people’s thoughts and it didn’t leave much room for me to have ideas or thinking about things. I’m very grateful for that now,”

The award-winning singer leads a private life and rarely posts on social media


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Lorde then discussed the positive effects social media can have on your life, acknowledging that it can be difficult to keep up with friends without it.

“The only thing I think is that I underestimated the number of likes from my friends that I was following on Instagram,” she said.

People don’t actually tell you what they’re doing, they just tell everyone else via a story. This is how people stay connected. I really need to date friends. I’m planning people’s birthdays now,”

She may avoid traditional social media, but Lorde thrilled fans when she resumed posting reviews on her ring-dedicated Instagram account, Onion Rings Worldwide, last year.

The star had left the account inactive for three years after it was revealed that she was the owner of the unique anonymous account in 2017.

However, in December 2020, she thrilled fans when she made her comeback, posting, “Don’t call it a throwback crumb…” alongside her latest onion ring review.

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