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Khorne the blood god confirmed as Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport in cabinet reshuffle

Rishi Sunak’s first Cabinet takes shape this afternoon with the appointment of Khorne the Blood God as Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.

Khorne had been widely tipped for a senior position in the cabinet, and the move is seen as something of a side step from his previous post at the Department of Communities and Local Government.

Reaction to the nomination has been mixed, with figures in the arts world hailing with concern the appointment of a gigantic Immaterium demon to the portfolio while admitting he will still do a better job than Nadine Dorries.

Political commentators are divided on whether the appointment is presented as support for Khorne from the Prime Minister, or simply as a concession to retain domestic support among the Legions of Chaos during the coming economic crisis.

“Margaret Thatcher had a lot of trouble with the snipers on the Chaos wing of the party, and her successors have worked to defuse the problems on that side ever since,” writes political correspondent Simon Williams.

“John Major knew them as the ‘Bastards’ when they invaded Kent and turned Basildon into a hell of terror and despair, which was seen by many as the beginning of his subsequent downfall.

“We know Khorne really wanted the Transport dossier as he was hoping to build on the excellent work of Chris Grayling, so it remains to be seen whether this appointment secured his loyalty to the new Prime Minister.”

Speaking to reporters outside Number 10 just now, Khorne said he was delighted with his new role and the new Prime Minister had his “full support”.

“Brexit for the God of Brexit,” he told us.