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Jordan Davis shares Philly’s greatest culture shock moments

Eagles rookie Jordan Davis is slowly but surely starting to establish himself as a fan and media favorite in the City of Brotherly Love before he even sets foot on the field. He cracks jokes during pressers and always seems to have a smile on his face.

On the recent episode of Chris Long’s Green Light Podcast, the rookie defensive tackle shared that while he’s excited about his career in Philadelphia, he might need a little help adjusting to a whole new city in a different part of the country, being born and raised in Charlotte and playing his college ball in Georgia.

The conversation started with a small talk about football, but then veered into Greek mythology and something Eagles fans might want to know – what the big man’s favorite cheesesteak has been so far. According to Davis, he’s tried some of the notable suspects like Tony Lukes and Delassandro, but says the cheesesteak that’s made at the Eagles practice facility is the best he’s had.

“I had a few,” Davis told Long, who burst out laughing. “I would say the [Eagles] Facilities Cheesesteak is the best cheesesteak I have ever had. I would say it’s Philadelphia’s best kept secret.”

The funniest part of the interview happened when Long asked Davis if he had made any major purchases since being drafted and signing his first-ever NFL contract in May, which included a bonus. signature of nearly 10 million dollars.

Davis said he was still looking for a place to settle and explained how he considered tolls if he lived in Jersey. looking for a place to live and explained that he was considering things like tolls if he chose to live in New Jersey. That conversation led to driving in Philadelphia, which Davis admitted to tripping him up because you can’t turn right on red.

“I’ll tell you what was the biggest culture shock for me, it was the ban on turning on red. Coming from the south, you stop at a light, you can turn right and you say to yourself: “Okay, boom” and keep pushing. But it’s like you’re just sitting here – and not to incriminate me or anything, but I made a few mistakes, I turn right on red and I’m like, ‘Ooooh, I just saw the sign.'”

As someone who had to move to Philadelphia for a job myself [albeit not in the NFL] I can certainly understand Davis’ struggles adjusting to a new and unfamiliar city.

Hopefully someone on the list will let Davis know about the PPA’s questionable reputation if it happens again.

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