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Italian-Australian woman Romanee Virgara details biggest culture shock after visiting Australian friend’s house for dinner

An Italian woman has revealed the biggest culture shock she experienced when she first dined at an Australian friend’s house.

Romanee Virgara grew up in an Italian family in Australia. Food has therefore always been at the heart of his upbringing.

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When she was invited to her childhood friend Soph’s house, she couldn’t wait to have dinner with her.

But when the food arrived on the table, Romanee couldn’t believe her eyes when she was served an unappetizing plate of a ‘boiled’ lamb chop, ‘a few peas and a few pieces of carrot’.

“One culture shock I wasn’t quite prepared for as a little Italian girl was when I went to an Australian friend’s house for dinner,” Romanee said in a TikTok video.

Romanee Virgara has revealed the biggest culture shock she’s ever experienced with an Australian friend. Credit: Romanee Virgara

“Obviously, in Italian culture, food is paramount. It brings the family together, we sit down and enjoy a nice meal, flavors, wine… it’s happening.

“But I remember going to my friend Soph’s house one night for dinner.

“I was all excited and didn’t even think twice about it, but his mom brought dinner and everyone got a boiled lamb chop, peas and a carrot.”

‘Is this?’

Stunned by the bland-looking dish, Romanee wondered, “Is that it?” assuming more food was coming.

To her horror, she soon realized that she only ate what was in front of her.

“Now I have an open mind, I was like I was going to crack and give it a try,” she said.

“(There was) not a little salt. There was not a single spice to be seen.

Adding more confusion to her very first Australian home dining experience, Romanee said she noticed her friend casually walking away from the table halfway through the meal.

“Soph ate like two peas and half her chop and then just got up and left,” she recalled.

“I was waiting for her dad to start yelling at her because she hadn’t finished eating and had left the table – and she wasn’t washing the dishes.

“But he didn’t shout. Nobody really gave as ***. I was like, wow…that’s something else.

Life lesson

Despite the culture shock, Romanee said she learned a valuable lesson.

“Anyway, from that day on I learned that if I’m going to an Australian friend’s house for dinner, always eat dinner before you leave,” she said.

“Like the pre-game dinner, that was my life lesson.”

Romanee grew up in an Italian family in Australia. Food has therefore always been at the heart of his upbringing. Credit: Romanee Virgara

Her video has been viewed over 495,000 times – with lots of funny stories being shared about what they were served at a friend’s house growing up.

forever traumatized

“I am also Italian. When I was 10 I went to an Australian friend’s house and they made penne bolognese with tomato sauce – traumatized forever,” said one.

Another wrote: “I was shocked too! Coming from an Italian and Asian background where my parents literally cook for an entire army even though there are only five of us.”

One added: “Also raised by an Arab mother, I was well fed. I remember being served chicken nuggets and tomato sauce as dinner at a night out. pajamas I didn’t calculate.

Another revealed: “I come from a European family. When I went to dinner at my Aussie partner it was tasteless lamb chops, canned green beans and canned mushrooms.

One confessed: “How I felt dating an Aussie boy for two years and pretending to like his food.”

Another said: ‘I remember being excited that we were getting spaghetti from my friend’s house and her mum opened a box. I didn’t know spaghetti was canned.

And one added: ‘I was served chocolate milk with spaghetti bolognese at my Australian friend’s house…just traumatic.’

“Not all Australians cook like this”

Meanwhile, many Australians insisted that “not everyone cooks like that”.

“I’m Australian, but I feed people like I’m European. I grew up with my mother – she cooked enough in case we had visitors. So certainly not all Australians are the same,” said one woman.

Another wrote: “No Australian parent is like this, your friend’s parents were one of a kind.”

One said: “It’s not the type of Australian home I grew up in, heaps of food on the table and you eat what you’re given or you get it at breakfast- lunch.”

So what else added? “Not all Australians cook like this. Some of us are very attached to our flavors.

Romanee quickly responded to those who took offense at her video.

“Shout out to all my Aussies who can cook, I know you’re out there!” This (video) is not a shadow – just for laughs,” she said.

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