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Hard work pays off for Orana fitness club to national titles | Liberal Daily

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The national fitness titles at Sydney Olympic Park saw representatives from across Australia compete for coveted medals, certificates and rankings over two recent weekends. The Orana Culture Physique club celebrates the achievement of Semi-Finalist status for two of its members in this highly competitive arena. Giaan Cubby and Emma Malouf can now proudly add a semi-finalist medal to their gear bags and carry the honor of achieving this high level of achievement. Running the 2021 program on the Quay Center floor with judges analyzing strength, flexibility and performance, competitors had to be at the elite of the sport to make it out of the early heats. ALSO MAKE THE NEWS: Six junior representatives from the central west zone traveled to participate in the national junior competition: Emma Malouf, Stella Hubbard, Emily Lucan, Polly Hubbard, Eliza Nushaj and Matilda Keller. Central Western zone competitors Grace Walker and Giaan Cubby competed in the senior section and showed what our country zone can accomplish. As national semi-finalists, Giaan Cubby and Emma Malouf are well rewarded for their hours of training. Learning the program in a pandemic-affected year had its challenges. The club’s volunteer teachers, Sophie Anderson, Kristy Hubbard, Rhiannon Malouf, Sarah Lucan, Jaimee Shuttle and Sarah Campbell are looking forward to the new Physie season. Inquiries and free trial lessons via email [email protected] or the Orana Physical Culture Facebook page can introduce prospective members to all that this sport has to offer.