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Hard Rock Culture Club Brings Community Improvements

July 26—Team members from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain volunteered their time in a number of community-related efforts. The group is known as the Culture Club, an in-house volunteer organization present at all Hard Rock facilities.

In the Yuba-Sutter area, the Hard Rock’s Culture Cub has stepped up community efforts as pandemic precautions continue to lift.

In April, the Culture Club partnered with the city of Yuba City to plant more than 50 aquatic plants at Gauche Park for Earth Day. These plants were chosen with the ongoing California drought in mind and to encourage water conservation in public landscaping projects.

In June, the group traveled to Adventist Health/Rideout Cancer Center in Marysville to spruce up its garden ahead of the hospital’s annual Cancer Survivor Mixer. Over 80 pounds of dark wood mulch and various plants were added to the center courtyard, providing guests with the opportunity to celebrate in a clean and attractive space.

“Both of these efforts support our ‘Take Time to Be Kind’ and ‘Save the Planet’ mottos,” said Ryan Flieger, vice president of human resources at Hard Rock Sacramento. “With COVID behind us, our team members have never been more motivated to step into the community and drive change.”

While the Hard Rock Culture Clubs have been around for a decade, the one based at Fire Mountain in Wheatland wasn’t able to get started until after COVID. Flieger described Culture Club’s efforts as “team member-driven,” meaning that Hard Rock employees choose projects and events based on their own interests and the needs of their community.

“The reality is that more than half of our workforce lives in Yuba-Sutter,” Flieger said. “So it’s very important to them that we are committed to making Yuba-Sutter a great place to live, not just to work.”

Other Culture Club programs include a food drive to benefit the Yuba-Sutter Food Bank, fundraising for the Children’s Hope Foster Family Agency in Gridley and funding Geweke’s Caring for Women Foundation during its pink october events. Currently, the Culture Club is working to collect 250 backpacks to help the Tri-Counties Community Center in its back-to-school readiness efforts.

Apart from these charitable projects, the Culture Club can also enjoy its own recreational activities such as a bowling league and a golf tournament.

“Our team members are truly committed to the community and give back,” Flieger said. “The generosity is quite impressive. Every time they had the opportunity to do something, they were really supportive, which is a great story that we can tell.”

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain is located at 3317 Forty Mile Rd. in Wheatland. For more information on Hard Rock’s community relations and donations, visit