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Fact Check – Britain’s Culture Secretary didn’t tweet that ‘food doesn’t grow on trees’

Social media users are sharing a fabricated tweet by UK Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries condemning the ‘goofy left’ for complaining about ‘growing demand for food banks’.

A screenshot of the fake tweet was shared on Facebook (here, here, here) and Twitter (here).

In full, the tweet reads: ‘I’m sick of the crazed left complaining about the growing demand for food banks. Every family should live within their means. Food doesn’t grow on trees! “.

It appears to have been sent from the ‘@nadinedorries’ account – the official Twitter account of the Culture Secretary.

He also uses the profile picture used by his official account, which can be seen (

A Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) spokesperson told Reuters in an email that the tweet was fake and was not sent by Dorries.

Searching his Twitter for the words “food banks” brings up five tweets – none of which matches the quote above (

There is also no evidence that people replied to such a tweet which could have been deleted later.

Politwoops, a ProPublica project that archives deleted tweets from politicians also shows no recording of the alleged tweet (, (should that be a hyperlink?) here).


Fake. There is no evidence that Nadine Dorries tweeted that “food doesn’t grow on trees.”

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