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Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports issues MoU with Premier League on UK broadcast rights contracts – Commentary

Due to the disruption and severe financial consequences of the pandemic, the government has agreed to legislate, granting an exclusion order, to allow the Premier League to renew their current broadcast agreements with current UK broadcast partners for a additional three-year period from 2022 to 2023, without going through the normal tendering process.

In return for the granting of the exclusion order (which does not apply to the Chapter I ban (as defined in section 2 (8) of the Competition Act 1998) and to Chapter II ban (as defined in Section 18 (4) of that Act)), the Premier League has agreed to provide at least £ 1.6 billion in funding to the Football Pyramid, supporting football during the pandemic.

The Ministry of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports has released a memorandum of understanding between the parties, which sets out the details of the government’s deal with the Premier League and how the funding will be distributed.(1)

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End Notes

(1) For a link to the Memorandum of Understanding, click here.