Culture shock

Culture Shock Film Society explores perspective through film – The North Wind

Less than three years ago, a now grad student from NMU, Eric Pitz, decided during his senior year that he wanted to resurrect a club known as Gonzo Media. With a new name and a year of construction, the club was passed on to sophomore, art history major, Hunter McArthur. The Culture Shock Film Society aims to diversify film screenings in the Marquette district.

“The organization was founded to provide the Marquette community with the opportunity to see a diverse slate of films outside of contemporary mainstream Hollywood on the big screen. These films not only serve as a historical record of world cultures, but also allow viewers to see the world from other perspectives,” McArthur said.

Culture Shock intends to show culturally, artistically and socially significant films, according to McArthur. In February, the group partnered with the Diversity Common Reader Program to show the film “I Am Not Your Negro”. The film explores many of the themes that Culture Shock intends to develop. Although they sometimes tackle heavy subjects, they also show more experimental films.

“Culture Shock is not just a stuffy, pretentious organization. While we show foreign, arthouse cinema, we also show B-movies, cinema icons and cult classics, all selected by our members. There’s a movie for everyone,” McArthur said.

Earlier in February, the group also showed “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” a film about a woman who wishes to erase her memories of her boyfriend and goes under the knife to do so. For more information on upcoming screenings and to get involved with the group, visit their Facebook or Hub page.