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Culture Secretary was embarrassing to defend PM, says festival boss

The Parklife co-founder has slammed the Culture Secretary for standing up for Boris Johnson instead of focusing on the industry, saying it was ’embarrassing’.

Sacha Lord, overnight economics adviser for the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), said Nadine Dorries should spend less time “in the media to save Boris’s job” and called on her to resign.

Ms Dorries grabbed headlines on Monday night after insisting ‘the Prime Minister is telling the truth’ amid criticism of Mr Johnson’s comments in Parliament.

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

(PA wire)

During Prime Minister’s Questions on Monday afternoon, Mr Johnson accused Labor leader Sir Kier Starmer of failing to prosecute pedophile Jimmy Savile.

Speaking to Channel 4, Ms Dorries refused to condemn the comments and instead accused Sir Kier of saying ‘things he shouldn’t have said’.

Speaking to PA, Mr Lord said: ‘Boris Johnson should step down but Nadine Dorries needs to follow it slowly – I have tried to contact her and colleagues and she is not communicating.

“We could do so much if we had a genuinely interested digital, culture, media and sports department, rather than spending all our time in the media saving Boris’ job.

“She doesn’t understand the culture, she doesn’t understand it, I just think it’s embarrassing.

“Hopefully if there’s a shakeup we find someone who understands our industry because we’re beaten and bruised right now.”

Mr Lord, co-founder of the Parklife festival and popular club night Warehouse Project, was appointed to the Labour-led GMCA by Greater Manchester Mayor and former Labor MP Andy Burnham.

On allegations that several parties were being held in Downing Street while the country was under coronavirus restrictions, Mr Lord said he believed the public had already lost faith in the Prime Minister.

In the next local election in May, Mr Lord said he believed many voters would stop voting Conservative – and if they do, then if he hasn’t already, Mr Johnson will have to resign.

He said: “I think the public has just had enough now.

“During the time the parties were going on, my mum was living on her own, I had to go shopping and drop him off at the bottom of her steps at her house while she waved at me through a window. I don’t have that, no one is above the law.

He also said that Metropolitan Police Chief Dame Cressida Dick had ‘big flaws’ in the so-called ‘partygate’ scandal, and that she and Mr Johnson were ‘implied together’.

However, he also said that it was unfair to paint all civil servants with the same “Boris Brush”, and that he could understand people having a drink at their desks at the end of the day, but that the allegations of 16 parties in Downing The street was “too much”.