Culture secretary

Culture Secretary takes aim at ‘noisy woke brigade’ trying to change our history

September 10, 2021, 08:24

Oliver Dowden launches a blistering attack on the ‘noisy awakening brigade trying to change British history’.

After a charity set up in honor of Sir Winston Churchill changed its name and removed all photos of him from its website, Nick Ferrari interviewed a government minister.

Culture Secretary Olive Dowden said he found the decision “extraordinary”.

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Speaking to LBC’s Nick Ferrari over breakfast, Mr Dowden said he had read the charity’s explanation but “the bottom line” is that the website now contains “much less Churchill”.

“I really worry, and you see that compared to a lot of charities, that they’re pandering to a loud, woke brigade trying to challenge every aspect of our history.”

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Mr Dowden stressed that without Winston Churchill “no one would have the freedom to make these kinds of decisions”.

“I really worry when we start to question the values ​​that have made this country such a wonderful place.”