Culture secretary

Culture Secretary pays moving tribute to Ukrainian journalists

Nadine Dorries held back tears as she thanked Ukrainian journalists who risked their lives to cover the Russian invasion.

The Culture Secretary had to pause to collect herself as she paid tribute to the House of Commons.

“At this point, I would just like to express my sincere thanks and admiration to all those journalists working for the BBC, ITV and other outlets who risk their lives to bring us unbiased and accurate reporting from a war zone. live.”

Former Labor minister Chris Bryant offered words of encouragement to Ms Dorries over the ‘tears she shed over journalists, Clive Myrie and people like that, who do absolutely fabulous work’.

Ms Dorries replied: “I think I just held back my tears, I’m a blubberer, as he knows.”

Elsewhere, Ms Dorries hailed the BBC as a “great British global brand” that needs to be protected.

His comments came as Liberal Democrat MP Christine Jardine stressed the importance of the BBC World Service following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and sought assurances over its funding.

Ms Dorries replied, “As someone who has run a school in Africa for years, and who has listened and waited every day for World Service to hear these words, announcing that World Service…first of all it is funded by the Foreign Office, not through my department, and we’ve always, I’ve always said that the BBC is a big British global brand, and it needs to be protected.

“I always said it was a polar bear on a shrinking ice cap. And we need to review the funding model to protect the BBC, and what’s best at the BBC, which includes the World Service.