Culture secretary

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries told a summit of sport’s governing bodies that it was “intrinsically unfair” for women and teenage girls to be pitted against transgender athletes who are biological men.

The government yesterday ordered sports authorities to ban transgender athletes from competing against female athletes.

Nadine Dorries, the culture secretary, told a conference of governing bodies that pitting women and teenage girls against biological men was “intrinsically unfair”.

The BBC, however, has dismissed pro-trans campaigners who want Sharron Davies fired from her role as presenter of the Commonwealth Games this summer.

A high-profile effort to stop transgender athletes from participating in women’s sports has been led by the former Olympic swimmer.

Fairness must come before inclusivity in elite sport, Ms Dorries told sports officials in football, cricket and athletics. She did, however, support the introduction of new “open categories” that would allow transgender women to compete in sports alongside men.

Regulators informed her that they were conducting their own independent scientific studies on the effects of gender and sex reassignment on performance.

“Sport is for everyone, no matter where you come from in life,” Ms Dorries said after the meeting. “The government has the greatest compassion for people born into a body it does not recognize.”

However, we cannot claim that a person’s sexual orientation has no bearing on their ability to perform athletically.

For her campaign to ban transgender athletes from women’s sport, Miss Davies, who has worked for the BBC for more than 25 years, has recently been the target of vitriol, including death threats, from online trolls.

Activists urged the BBC to fire her, but the organization chose to support her instead. For the opening day of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham on July 28, she will return to her usual duties as a poolside reporter.

Trans activists are so evil, Miss Davies, 59, said: ‘If you don’t turn around and do what they tell you to do, they come after you like you can’t believe.’

They made my life miserable by calling the charity I worked for and my employers. However, BBC Sport have been excellent.

Anyone who has gone through male puberty is no longer allowed to compete against women, according to Fina, the international swimming regulator.

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