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Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries shares her Netflix password

The Culture Secretary said she had allowed four other households to log into her account to take advantage of the “incredibly generous system”.

It came as Netflix launched a crackdown on password sharing after a slump in profits forced the streaming giants to lay off 150 employees – mostly in the US – amid a sharp drop in the number of subscribers.

Ms Dorries told the Culture Committee: ‘I thought it was still an incredibly generous system. I mean my mom has access to my account, and so do the kids. There are four other people who can access my Netflix account in different parts of the country.

“Well, we’re probably not supposed to do that.”

Netflix produced new Russian Doll, Ozark and Stranger Things series this year

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Speaking to the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee on Thursday, Ms Dorries denied claims that Channel 4 could switch to a Netflix-like subscription model to maintain funding after government attempts to sell the chain.

Ms Dorries spoke about the privatization plans which will be voted on by MPs after their inclusion in the recent Media Bill.

The broadcaster has been publicly owned since its inception in 1982 by the Conservative government of Margaret Thatcher and is entirely funded by advertising.

She told the committee: ‘As a public service broadcaster it’s not on the table, it’s just not on the cards at all. I don’t see a scenario in which this would happen.

Ms Dorries said she was on good terms with news presenter Cathy Newman.

However, she claimed the ‘pissed off’ broadcaster had done itself a disservice to impartiality in an apparent reference to eyewitness reports that Jon Snow shouted ‘F*** the Tories’ at the Glastonbury Festival five years ago – what the former presenter later said. he had “no memory” of having done so.

“I’ve been on Channel 4 News several times. It’s nervous. I’m not going to justify a news program whose presenter shouted obscenities about the Conservative Party.

“So they did themselves a disservice sometimes in the news program and I think that’s probably all I want to say about it,” she said.