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Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries announces review of ‘sector vision’

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries has unveiled a ‘sector vision’ review to be released this summer as part of the government’s commitment to get up to speed.

At the Creative Coalition Festival 2022, Ms Dorries revealed she intended to provide “nearly £50m” to support creative businesses across the UK.

The investment includes a £21m UK Global Screen Fund and an £18.4m extension for the Creative Scaling Program to “support the fastest growing creative businesses in across the country”.

Ms Dorries said: “This will form the basis of an ambitious vision for the creative industries sector which we hope to release this summer.

“The sector vision will have four key objectives, to ensure that the UK creative sector is globally competitive, inclusive, environmentally sustainable and integrated into communities across the country.

“And I will bring my own clear personal priorities into that vision – I know, for example, that it needs to focus on improving accessibility.

“We need to do better to ensure that people from disadvantaged backgrounds instinctively feel that the creative industries are for them too.”

Ms Dorries said she wanted the vision to ask how creative industries can regenerate cities and communities left behind and “drive growth across the UK”.

The sector vision review is part of the government’s ‘upgrade’ program to improve the UK outside its major cities.


Rebecca Ferguson (Adam Davy/PA)


Rebecca Ferguson (Adam Davy/AP)

She added: “After all, leveling is not just about transport links and infrastructure projects, it is about giving people the chance to live rich and fulfilling lives wherever they are in the Kingdom. United, a life full of creativity and culture and good jobs in these industries.

“We want this work to be really visionary, ambitious and optimistic.”

The Culture Secretary also revealed she was working with singer Rebecca Ferguson, who was a finalist on The X Factor in 2010, looking into the issue of music streaming to ensure “modern music works for everyone”.

Ms Dorries added that her department will work with the Creative Industries Council on the review.

During her announcement to the Creative Coalition, she hailed the UK’s creative industries as “the most celebrated in the world”, citing Adele’s 30 as the best-selling album of 2021 worldwide.