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Culture Secretary condemns British Pop Music Awards for dropping genre categories

(Bloomberg) – Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries has condemned a UK pop music awards jury’s decision to remove gender categories in 2022.

The Brits Awards will be presented to Artist of the Year and International Artist of the Year, replacing Best Male and Female Solo Artist and Best International Male and Female Solo Artist.

Tom March, the new chairman of the Brits and co-chairman of Polydor Records, said in a statement announcing the decision that it appeared to be “the right time to celebrate the achievements of artists for the music they create and the work they do. ‘they do., regardless of gender.

But the decision angered Dorries, who told a parliamentary committee on Monday that it was “a pretty sad decision”.

“If you wanted to see who won awards for novels and a lot of other things in the past, then men were still dominant,” she said. “My concern is that women will not be fairly represented in the future. ”

Dorries, a former nurse and candidate for a reality show, echoes Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s instinctive political style. She publicly attacked political opponents like snowflakes, a ridiculous term for the younger and more enlightened generation.

Other major musical ceremonies ditched the separate male and female categories much earlier, including the Grammys. Pop star Sam Smith, who identifies as non-binary and was kicked out of the Brits award categories this year, was among those pushing for change.

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