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Culture Club salary dispute to go to trial

Efforts to settle a legal battle between members of the Culture Club band over the band’s tour money have “not been successful” amid a “considerable lack of trust and goodwill”, it said. said the High Court.

Jon Moss is taking legal action against lead singer Boy George, guitarist Roy Hay and bassist Michael Craig, after they were allegedly ‘kicked out’ by their manager in September 2018 after 37 years of playing together.

The Hampstead drummer claims he is owed an ‘outstanding balance’ of $246,000.17 (£188,000) under the terms of a band deal they reached over the running of his 2018 Life Tour.

Members of the group have attempted mediation ‘with no signs of success’ ahead of a possible six-day trial where the value of the Culture Club name and the profits made by the group since the alleged ‘expulsion’ of Mr Moss will be considered , the court said. .

Mr Moss’ lawyer, Celia Rooney, told a hearing on Tuesday: ‘The plaintiff is of course not opposed to further settlement in this case. We remain open to the potential for settlement.

But she said there was a “considerable lack of trust and goodwill” between the parties.

The hearing came after Mr Moss changed his legal case to allege Boy George, who also has a home in Hampstead, ‘conspired to defraud him’ out of nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

The case revolves around Mr Moss’ claim that a ‘market note’ meant each member of the band would receive a fee of $600,000 (£458,000) for up to 80 gigs.

The complaint involves the settlement of legal proceedings in America in January 2021 and the involvement of Boy George in the American company You Give Me Life and the English company Other Places Drama LLP, which are also defendants in the British case.

Boy George – whose real name is George O’Dowd – Mr Craig and Mr Hay have not yet filed a formal defence, but it appears from court documents that they dispute the claim for the outstanding money.

Boy George released a statement after the March hearing accusing Mr Moss of making a ‘personal attack on me’ and ‘the most unfounded and hurtful allegations’.

“His claims that I conspired to defraud him are totally false and will be defended in the High Court in London,” he added.

A trial is expected to start in March or April next year.