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Fri 6/20

Central Phoenix’s cultural revival just keeps getting better. Enter Fate, a new catering venture by Tempe’s owner Lucky Dragon. Lucky Dragon has always maintained an eclectic atmosphere, cultivated via art exhibitions, live music and DJ nights. Vegan Destiny, at 905 North Fourth Street, just around the corner from Modified Arts, promises a similar cornucopia of culture and kicks off a weekly house music night, aptly named Destination, this Friday, June 20. new timesPete “Supermix” Salaz, nominated for best DJ and house impresario, headlines the evening, along with Kevin Brown, DJ nth, Jacob Delph, Mark Parra and Rick Ramirez, Lois Layne, Sonique des Fleurs and Tranzit at the turntables too. The event is for all ages, with drinks for the older ones, and there is no cover. And hey, they promise free wine and appetizers! The beats run from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m. Call 602-306-7587 for more information. -Brendan Joel Kelley

light rock

WLM accelerates the valley

Thu 6/19
Back in the Valley on Thursday, June 19, White Light Motorcade adds fuel to the rock revival fire. Infusing British pop with garage rock, this New York-based band aren’t the Strokes – these guys exude the very essence of what rock ‘n’ roll is: hard chords, punchy beats and a pure and pure kick-ass. As lead singer Harley Dinardo informs fans, “I’m here to show you / How good it could be.” The motorcade goes full throttle to the Mason Jar, 2303 East Indian School, at 11:30 p.m. Tickets for the show for all ages are $7; dial 480-784-4444. -Eric Schandel

Word Mentality

Poetry of all types is spun

Tue 06/24
Believe it or not, Phoenix’s Poetry in the Park monthly series has been around for 13 years. And now, Encanto Park event director Carol Hogan is “renaming” the literary get-together, emphasizing informality and a cafe-like atmosphere. He moved from the Encanto Park ballroom, a classroom-like environment, to the more relaxing confines of the park’s boathouse. “I want to make it more intimate, more of a sharing atmosphere,” Hogan says.

Poetry in the Park’s next confab will be Tuesday, June 24 at 7:30 p.m. at the Encanto Park Boathouse, 2605 North 15th Avenue, where local writers Rich Kenney and John Tynan are the featured poets. All poets are welcome to come and share their work.

“We have cowboy poets, we have literary poets, haiku poets, open verse, prose, funny poets, sad poets, old poets, young poets, literary geniuses and workers in the building,” Hogan relays exhaustively. Attendees and observers are encouraged to show up early to socialize, and artists and writers are welcome to bring any works they have for sale. Refreshments are free. Call 602-942-3060 for more information. Brendan Joel Kelley