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Conservative Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries confuses rugby codes in scathing speech at Rugby World Cup

It is fair to say that this Conservative government is not the most popular in British history.

With multiple blunders from every possible minister as well as one of the dumbest Prime Ministers, not a day goes by without another Tory mistake.

Now it’s the turn of Nadine Dorries, Johnson’s love culture secretary, who confused rugby league and rugby union in a speech at a Rugby World Cup event in St Helens today.

Dorries thought Jonny Wilkinson’s 2003 winning drop-goal for England against Australia in the Rugby World Cup final was in rugby league.

“I’ve always liked the idea of ​​rugby league,” Dorries said in his speech.

“My long-time memory is that drop-goal from 2003.”

She added: “We were drinking Bloody Marys at the time. Wow what a time that was.

She later addressed her mistake on Twitter.

“Like Jason Robinson, I may have changed code in my speech. Both the league and the union have a rich heritage in the UK. Obviously, I’ve followed rugby league much less in my life, but I can’t wait to see England (and all home nations) in the RL World Cup this fall.

The Rugby League World Cup is set to be the biggest in the history of the competition, with not only England, New Zealand and Australia having a chance to win the tournament, but Tonga, Samoa and Fiji should all be pushing top tier teams. all the.