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Channel 4 Rejects UK Culture Secretary’s Request for Fake Scenes – Deadline

UK Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries has seemingly lost her latest battle with state broadcaster Channel 4, after claiming one of its shows included faked scenes.

Over a decade ago, long before he took on a high-level government post, Dorries appeared on a show on Channel 4, Tower of the Commonswhich featured politicians spending time in tower blocks and UK council housing (mostly (state-funded housing).

In May 2022, Dorries told a government committee that she had “later discovered that they [the residents] were actually actors.

She said: “Parents of some of the boys in this program contacted me and came here for lunch to tell me the boys were in drama school. They didn’t really live in an apartment – they weren’t real. They were actually actors.

“If you remember, there was a pharmacist I went to see who prepared the food; she was also a paid actress.

Channel 4 denied the allegations at the time, but have since carried out an in-depth investigation into the program made by the Love Productions company, which also makes the hit show. The great British Bake Off.

He now says he has found no evidence to support Dorries’ claims. In a statement on Friday, the broadcaster said it “takes any allegations of misrepresentation extremely seriously and always investigates such allegations rigorously.

“The investigation, overseen by [Love’s] outside counsel, included contributors who were ordinary members of the public and with whom the Secretary of State had significant interaction.

“This involved speaking with many people involved in the making of the series, including contributors and the team, and retrieving and reviewing relevant documentation and footage, including 85 hours of raw footage filmed for the series.

“Neither the Love Productions investigation nor Channel 4’s internal investigations have uncovered evidence to support the claims made about the programme.”

So far, the BBC reports that it has received no response from Dorries regarding the findings.

The disagreement comes as Dorries continues to stick to his plan to sell the public broadcaster, despite the chaos caused to the government by the resignation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as well as continued criticism from across the industry of British television about the prospect of such a sale and the damage it would cause to the country’s independent production ecosystem.