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Captivate Bio Expands Focus on Cell Culture Media and Small Molecule Kits for Stem Cell Research and Emerging Markets

WATERTOWN, Mass., April 19, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Captivate Bio, a science-based solutions provider, announced that it has expanded its cell culture solutions portfolio to include new classic media as well as custom media manufacturing services and its new CET Cocktail, a small molecule compounds that can be used safely in research and regenerative medicine applications to dramatically improve the workflow of human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs).

This expanded offering aims to fill supply gaps created by recent mergers and acquisitions of large biotech companies, which have left researchers with increasingly limited options for reliable reagent manufacturing and supply. Captivate Bio’s custom media and supply services will provide researchers and industrial partners with additional options for sourcing high-quality cell culture reagents and defined media solutions, as well as providing bulk supply and custom media formulations.

Captivate Bio’s CET cocktail complements its portfolio of stem cell reagents with a key small molecule kit supporting the media supplement strategy known as CEPT (Chroman 1, Emricasan, Polyamine Solution and Trans-ISRIB) . CEPT is a recently released optimized combination of targeted small molecules and culture additives that have been shown to overcome cellular stressors inherent in stem cell workflows and address major challenges in translational cell research. strains. The CET cocktail provides significant enhancement of stem cell viability, clonality, expansion, and cryopreservation, allowing researchers to reliably generate large numbers of safe and consistent cell banks applicable for therapeutic use. downstream.

“The demand for readily available cell culture systems continues to increase with the growth of translational research and emerging technologies,” said Tanya Potcova, co-founder and CEO of Captivate Bio. “Our mission is not just to complement media manufacturing here in the United States, but to make custom media formulations more accessible and cost effective for scientists at all levels. The CET cocktail and our custom media services align with Captivate Bio’s goal of delivering value. that advances our clients’ research while increasing global access to new technologies.”

Captivate Bio will showcase its new offerings at the BTCI Wisconsin Stem Cell Symposium, to be held on April 20, 2022 in Madison, Wisconsin.

About Captivate Bio
Based in Watertown, MA, Captivate Bio is a private science solutions provider specializing in the marketing and distribution of high quality reagents and custom cell culture media services for the research, therapeutic and healthcare communities. Current product offerings include conventional cell culture media, specialty media, animal sera including FBS, small molecules, biomatrix, human platelet lysate, and custom media manufacturing services for basic research, stem cell research, cell therapy and emerging markets, such as cell agriculture. .

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