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Brands are freer, more frank on Clubhouse

In 2020, Clubhouse emerged as a way for people to connect at a time when they were most isolated. The audio chat app just came out of beta last month, becoming open to everyone, even those without invitations. It now has more than 2 million active users every week.

While viewership has grown rapidly and the number of likemakers and celebrity users is impressive — think Virgil Abloh and 2 Chainz — the brand’s participation on the platform has been slow to pick up. This is partly due to uncertainty about the best way for a company to use the platform.

Jeff Carvalho, co-host of the popular Clubhouse show “Culture Club,” said brands need to understand that you can’t treat Clubhouse the same way you treat other social media platforms like Instagram.

“I encourage brands to host venues or clubs, rather than having a brand account,” Carvalho said on Tuesday, speaking at the first event of Glossy’s Glossy U series on The Audio Opportunity. He was joined by “Culture Club” co-host Ben Dietz. “The value is not in hearing what the brand has to say. It’s not like on Instagram where the brand has an account and they just post something. It is a space for conversations.

brands have taken various approaches at the Clubhouse, from hosting their own rooms, as cognac brand Martell does, to finding executives to establish a one-on-one presence on the app. Leaders who have done this well include New Balance Senior Director of Global Collaborations, Joe Grondin, and Abloh of Off-White and Louis Vuitton..

“Culture Club” has built an audience of tens of thousands of Clubhouse users through its high-profile conversations on everything from fashion to NFTs to the fight against anti-Asian racism.

“The nature of audio is more ephemeral than other social media, so you can be a little freer with opinions, more candid, not so managed,” Dietz said. “It’s really important because that’s how the brands of the future will engage with everyone. It’s easier to do that when you can be yourself.

Watch the full video of the conversation below.