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Boy George & Culture Club – Music News

Boy George (our national treasure) & Culture club, alongside special guests, nailed it, as musical royalty, to the splendor of the historic grounds of Kenwood House.

DJ Fat Tony set the bar high, with his set of club tunes, to warm up an already over-exuberant and sweaty crowd on the hottest summer day in London. Fat Tony reads his audience, shuffles the tracks, cuts with impeccable timing and took Kenwood audiences to uplifting heights in Ibiza.

Lulu’s youthful energy drew in the crowd, with her dynamic performance of the infamous, ‘Shout’, & ‘Man with The Golden Gun’. Her iconic vocals resonated on the outdoor courts as she took the excited crowd to a new level with “Relight my Fire.”

Bananarama duo Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward delivered, on their own terms.

A deafening welcome greeted the legendary artists, who graced the stage with an infectious set. Their appeal remained strong, with their vocal blending, as the hits, “Venus” and “Robert De Niro’s Waiting”, etc. resonated, with more enthusiastic fans.

Dallin & Woodward had Kenwood locked down, as nostalgic hit ‘Cruel Summer’ showed off the duo’s tight chemistry, with the crowd on their feet churning out shaky backing sounds. Vocally strong, the girls deftly wrought fans with wit, style and their infamously catchy pop tunes.

“He was really saying something” was mentioned by Dallin’s Fun Boy Three, who danced with impressive moves to the funky track.

His Highness Boy George, entered his North London playground, with elegant ease and commanded the crowd. Biting banter (right to be bitchy) interspersed with genuine warmth for his fans – George owned it.

George is polite, he walks his way and delivers an unfailing level of vocal mastery. ‘Everything I Own’, ‘It’s a Miracle’ embodied the depth and soul of George’s vocal range. The remix of “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me” was sung, with sweet heartfelt truth.

George’s Rolling Stones cover of ‘Sympathy For the Devil’ kept the crowd in suspense.

A final firework exploded into the London night sky – the final word is that PK, you should have charged double…