Culture shock

Black-owned digital company “Culture Shock Galleries” (CSG)

USA, California, Los Angeles, Oct. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CSG, a black-owned digital company, launches the world’s first mainstream fantasy hip-hop game powered by NFT trading cards officially licensed.

CSG CEO and Founder and international talent agent Marion Frederic Madzimba, aka “Fred Frenchy”, is the brainchild of The Culture Cards concept which brings more meaningful exposure to the hip hop community in the world of crypto through the NFT, or non-fungible tokens.

The first NFT drop on Wednesday, November 10, 2021 will be from iconic hip hop artist BIG PUN – on his birthday.
The whitelist for the presale will be open from October 26 to October 28.

The end of the year will then see the launch of the Culture Coin, a coin that will “unlock the best of culture”.

Through multiple project partnerships, Culture Coin will provide exclusive access to official NFT drops of high profile celebrities and hip hop icons, as well as unlock access to top brands, limited edition products and coveted experiences from The Culture.

Additionally, a community coin purse will be created and used to create what may be the first “Hip Hop Union”.
The Culture Coin will allow hip-hop pioneers in need to help in areas such as medical care, law, health care and education.

“Our goal is to bring in more people from the ‘culture’ armed with practical knowledge and unlock their potential to succeed in the crypto-NFT ecosystem,” Frenchy said. He describes CSG as a mission-driven media and technology company, and a safe and trusted brand among black and non-black audiences.

“We partner with pioneers, legends, icons, and modern-day trailblazers with the goal of giving back to people of the “urban community” or “hip hop culture” of all races and ages. hip hop is the force of numbers in society and it is time that its pioneers, the artisans of this movement take advantage of it”.

He added: “We work with many of the biggest hip hop artists and urban brands in the world, with relationships, built and nurtured over a few decades. The Culture Card is well placed to usher in these global creators and shapers of culture. . in the NFT space and maximize NFT experiences for their fans.”

CSG seeks to break boundaries with its disruptive and challenging high-impact concept, which over time will create additional content in entertainment, sports, fashion and, of course, music.

Frenchy said: “I want to bring about real change in the ‘Culture’ and hold myself accountable for achieving it. I am investing in leading a ‘movement for change’ and I welcome everyone who shares this vision .
Change is disruptive and can sometimes be uncomfortable; you have two choices: either you accept it or you reject it. One thing is certain, the Revolution occurs despite everything. Don’t get left behind.”

The featured image and the following photos are of Marion Frederic Madzimba, aka “Fred Frenchy”, CEO and Founder of CSG:

Photo of Fred Frenchy, CEO and Founder of CSG Photo of Fred Frenchy, CEO and Founder of CSG Photo of Fred Frenchy, CEO and Founder of CSG