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Biopic Culture Club: Boy George says Harry Styles was in talks to play him in a movie

Boy George opened up about who was in talks to play him in a Culture Club biopic. Photo / Getty Images

Boy George accused Harry Styles of being “too scared” to play him in a Culture Club biopic.

The 60-year-old singer / songwriter claims Harry was in talks to portray him in a new movie, but alleges the former One Direction singer “ran” and Yungblud is in talks to take on the lead role.

He told the Daily Mirror: “They are looking at a kid called Yungblud. He’s a great English sensation. He’s quite young and he auditioned. There was some talk about Harry Styles, but I think he went. ran away. He was too scared. “

Karma Chameleon – named after the 1983 Culture Club hit song – will document Boy George’s rise to fame. Filming was due to start this year, but the Covid-19 pandemic and casting issues have delayed it.

According to Boy George, Harry Styles
According to Boy George, Harry Styles “got scared” when asked to play him in the film. Photo / Getty Images

Boy George said, “I don’t want this to be like somebody else’s fantasy. I feel like it should be honest and true because I’m hilarious. I’m telling the truth because the truth is way more interesting than the things that are invented, you know. “

Boy George has lived a hectic life, and his four-month prison sentence in 2009 – for wrongly imprisoning a male escort – is likely to feature in the biopic.

Speaking about this previously, he said: “I have always maintained that jail will finish me off, but it doesn’t.

“You somehow find strength. It was a life changing experience and I feel like I came out of this situation with a bit of wisdom and knowledge.

“I really don’t see this time in my life as negative… But I wouldn’t want to go back.”

The star admitted that his “problems” – which also included his community service sentence in 2006 after New York City police found cocaine in his house – were a valuable life lesson. also recalled that he had not completely shaken “nihilism”. attitude “of his youth, to which he wants to cling.

He said: “I’ve always had a mistake in myself, but that’s okay. As far as the problems I had in 2006 and 2009, of course, these are things that I’m not into. not proud.

“But at the same time, they remind me that I had not let go of this nihilistic attitude of the past, and that I never would.

“And every mistake is a positive life lesson… It really is.”