Culture shock

American moving to Calgary asked what the ‘biggest culture shock’ was and locals got real

A Reddit user from the United States asked Calgarians what they think of the city, so they can prepare for their next move.

The person who posted said they wanted to move their family from Salt Lake City, Utah due to “the overall political situation” in America, but needed to know how their new home compared Canadian. Fortunately, Calgarians have come up with some honest advice.

The Utah family wanted to know what the biggest “culture shock” would be, how the city’s nightlife is, how friendly the city is, and of course all about the cold weather in Canada.

One user said that he “finds overall there are more assertive drivers in the US compared to Canada. 4-way intersections take longer to negotiate because of this.”

So be prepared for some very polite Canadian driving, Americans.

What’s not so polite is the wintry weather. Calgary is known for its brutal winter conditions from time to time, and another user said that while the weather can get very cold, there are also Chinooks that bring the temperatures up from time to time.

Some people have come up with comparisons of American cities.

In addition to a pleasant ride, apparently, people should expect to hear “sorry” often.

Every Canadian knows the pain of explaining when we use which measurement system.

More than one person shouted it.

A few people warned the family about treats they might be missing. But at least they will win ketchup chips!

Other people were a little more positive about what the city has to offer, pointing out the friendly people, great pubs, and tons of breweries.

Although Canada is often compared to the United States, there are clearly major differences, right down to the snacks.