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Alex Roa’s Culture Club is definitely changing the economy of creators

In less than a year, a 20-year-old Houston entrepreneur has built the world’s most comprehensive influencer network to help businesses of all sizes

HOUSTON, Texas, USA, August 3, 2022 / — Influencer Marketingonce the province of a select few brands seeking to appeal to under-25s, has exploded onto the scene in recent years.

In 2022 alone, the industry will generate over $16 billion in revenue.

Taking advantage of this explosive growth, in just 12 months, Alex Roa, the 20-year-old entrepreneur behind The Culture Club, has created a unique entry point for influencer marketing. And one that can connect legacy brands with the right tools to make influencer marketing work for businesses young and old, attracting customers of all ages and demographics.

“With The Culture Club, I wanted to find ways to bring influencer marketing to more than just massive lifestyle brands and other established legacy businesses,” said Alex Roa, President and Founder of The Culture Club. .

“As the industry grows, the demand will also increase,” he continued. “With perhaps the world’s largest stable of influencers attached to Culture Club, we’re ready to help make effective social media marketing accessible to businesses of all sizes and locations.”

Roa offers its cutting-edge brand of influencer marketing, focusing on the aggregate, instead of a single influencer.

“Major influencers, those with tens or hundreds of millions of followers, are increasingly in demand,” Roa said. “So at Culture Club, instead of connecting companies with a single big-name influencer, we look for up-and-coming, or niche influencers with large followings but not big enough to appeal to the biggest names in industry.”
By bringing together lesser-known influencers, he said he can create marketing solutions that can have the same effect as a top influencer at a fraction of the cost.

“The biggest names attract huge prizes,” Roa said. “And they are worth it all day. But if you can combine ten influencers with one million followers each, you can have the same impact as an influencer with 10 million followers, often at a fraction of the cost.

This approach to influencer marketing “will completely change the landscape of creator economy“, says Roa, because the lower cost of entry allows more brands than ever to get into influencer marketing.

And with The Culture Club, Roa is helping businesses of all types take advantage of this reduced cost of entry through a scalable model that leverages what is arguably the largest group of influencers in the world.

“Our network of influencers spans every continent and most countries,” Roa said. “With this network, we can reach over a billion users with our growing base of diverse talent, and we can use it to help any business, large or small, break into what will likely be the advertising space. biggest of the decade. ”

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