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“A Good Opportunity”: Culture Shock Yogurt Opens New Higgins Market Location

Aislynn added her favorite toppings to her Culture Shock yogurt last week at the chain’s new location, now open in the Holiday Market mall at Higgins Corner in South County.
Photo: Elias Funez

Culture Shock Yogurt has opened a new location at Higgins Marketplace, a shopping center on Highway 49 near Combie Road.

The first self-service yogurt store opened in Grass Valley in 2009. Reed and Janna Schreiter took ownership of the business in October 2019.

Reed Schreiter, a trained lawyer, said he and his wife, Janna Schreiter, a trained nurse, saw in The Union in 2019 that Culture Shock founder Bobbi Giudicelli was looking for a buyer for the company, and their interest has been aroused.

“We enjoyed it,” Reed Schreiter said of the transition. “It’s been a bit difficult for the first year and a half, but I feel like things are getting back to a little more normal, at least for our operation.”

A culture shock yogurt with a range of different tasty and colorful fillings.
Photo: Elias Funez

In what Schreiter called “an interesting time,” the company adapted to a number of challenges during new ownership, including power outages in late 2019 and then the onset of the pandemic. of COVID-19.

The business closed for about half of March and all of April 2020, Schreiter said, and then set up an outdoor cart in Grass Valley “just to keep the name there and try to move the things” in May. Stores have since reopened, with modifications.

Culture Shock currently operates two locations: one at 851 Sutton Way in Grass Valley and the new Higgins Marketplace store.

Culture Shock’s new location is now open in the Holiday Market shopping center at Higgins Corner.
Photo: Elias Funez

Schreiter said while the company previously had another Auburn location at 2985 Bell Road, and the newly opened location was originally meant to be the third, a drop in revenue during the pandemic prompted the decision to close at instead the Bell Road store and continue with two locations.

“We were sorry to leave this space, but we just thought it would be a good opportunity,” Schreiter said.

He said last week that the opening of the new location had been well received by nearby residents of Lac des Pins.

“They expressed that they were happy that we were there and that we were open, so we felt … welcomed as a new company in this area,” Schreiter said.

Victoria Penate is an editor for The Union. She can be contacted at [email protected]