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6AM Turns LA Techno into International, Crypto-Empire

Techno is one of the modern moments of “multiple discovery”. The art form emerged in the early 1980s from the city of Detroit. His rhythmic style crossed Germany returns to its original source of inspiration, paying homage to bands like Kraftwerk and other electronic music that emerged from Berlin and Frankfurt. Both cultures had unique perspectives, and through mutual respect and reciprocity, they would go on to influence each other through mixtapes, synths, and underground club scenes. Both cultures provided a punk-like do-it-yourself influence on a new style of music that would unite rebellious ingenuity with the cybercentric culture of decades to come in a genre known as techno.

As techno traveled across countries, styles, turntables and nightclubs, its peak popularity is still on the rise thanks to innovative labels and promotional organizations like Los Angeles-based 6AM. The organization defines itself as an “experimental and digital media platform covering all facets of underground electronic music culture, resources, technology and lifestyle”. And although the claim covers all aspects of the industry, the brand lived up to its description. 6AM has hosted some of the busiest and most well-received events in the underground scene, launched its own clothing line, and recently launched its own cryptocurrency. With innovative decisions and an equally innovative roster of artists, the brand has propelled itself not only to the forefront of the techno scene, but to the forefront of music culture in Los Angeles.

The underground origins of 6AM

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6AM debuted in Los Angeles in March 2008 under the name Disturbance. The organization was founded by Jia Wang, a DJ from Guam who had moved to San Diego before falling in love with the sprawling techno scene in Los Angeles. Inspired and hoping to support a real techno community in the city, Wang started performing in various venues. Driven by the promotion of other artists and the ability to feature up-and-coming DJs, Wang began hosting shows and events under the name 6AM which stayed true to the movement’s underground origins. 6AM maintained the genre’s reputation by hosting DJ sets in abandoned warehouses in downtown Los Angeles, hidden by secret passwords, guarded doors and coded slang that added to the mystique of it all. The exclusive events hosted an inclusive environment that quickly caught the attention of other artists in the West Coast techno scene.

In 2013, Wang and 6AM returned home and founded Guam’s annual Electric Island Festival. The event’s success spurred other innovative techno festivals and events across Los Angeles, including WORK and REFORM (a collaboration with fellow promoters Synthetik Minds and Dirty Epic) and COMPOUND (a group venture involving 6AM, Synthetik Minds, Dirty Epic and Incognito). The events feature well-established techno legends including Danny Tenaglia, Drumcell, DVS1 and Derrick May. 6AM also hosted a series of shows as part of its WORK event featuring local emerging artists such as Tap Newo, Annika Wolfe, Secus and Stephen Disario. Their events range from intimate showcases to festivals with between 200 and 2,000 people.

Their annual festival, REFORM, was recently featured in Billboard which highlighted upcoming September 2021 lineup. The music platform called 6AM “defenders of the city’s rich warehouse rave heritage for a new generation of underground electronic music fans”.

Rhythm through culture

6AM has been the champion of techno culture through its representation of new artists and its drive to promote DJs who exemplify the spirit of industrial, hypnotic, electro and acid techno. Their support has resulted in experimental events ranging from forward-looking house and techno shows to immersive 360-degree experiences with DJ sets, lasers and horror movie scenes at events like COMPOUND.

The group has also released innovative articles and thought-provoking pieces that serve to uphold the integrity of the music scene at large. A recent article focused on whether or not phones and flash should be banned from the dancefloor. Ignoring the obvious elements of norms and tradition, the article consisted of a more open discussion of pleasure and engagement as well as what it means to exist in the present moment, for the benefit not only of the event but also of the people who attend. . Another recent post from the site focused on the return of events in the post-pandemic era. “Have you learned what is important to you in life and what is not? Have you learned who you can rely on in life and who your true friends are? Have you learned to be patient? Have you learned how your actions affect others? Have you learned to be a little more selfless and put others before your own needs? He emphasized the importance of community, the need for knowledge, and the power we have when we empower the people around us, a concept that embodies everything techno stands for.

In the metaverse

In addition to the return of public events, 6AM was also able to use the online space to promote artists and engage with their community. Part of this adventure in the metaverse allowed 6AM to create the first-ever cryptocurrency dedicated to the house and techno community. The $RAVE coin was launched on April 13, 2021 at the height of the crypto craze and was intended to serve the tech and electronic community. The decentralized concept of cryptocurrency reflects the spirit of techno and 6AM intended to “build a community that provides for the community, is controlled by the community and is supported by us, the 6AM group”. Several benefits of owning the cryptocurrency include pre-sale access to select events hosted by the band, the designated title of 6AM Raver which provides exclusive access to the band’s Discord network, and early access to shuffles, premieres and new clothes and goods before leaving. live for the general public.

6AM also hosted several online events throughout the pandemic, including a Twitch stream in collaboration with Sian’s Octopus Recordings. The event featured a DJ set by 6AM founder Jia Wang, as well as other 6AM affiliates including Insical, JNY and ØNYX.

With in-person events making a comeback during “Summer of Redemption,” 6AM has already established itself as one of the top promoters, earning credentials in Billboard and other music-based outlets. electronics like Magnetic Mag, DJ Mag and DancingAstronaut. Through innovative decisions, lofty goals, and a head-first dive into the metaverse, 6AM has proven itself within the Los Angeles tech community and is ready to share its local integrity globally.

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