Culture shock

“Speak No Evil” is a horrifying culture shock • AIPT

One of the best things about film festivals is that you often have no idea what to expect. You’re given a description of the movie, of course, but there’s no preview, no barrage of information about the upcoming movie on TV commercials and social media for months. Speak no evil is a film that made […]

Culture secretary

UK Culture Secretary grants Grade II status to Cecil Rhodes plaque in Oxford

UK Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries has granted list status to a plaque commemorating industrialist and colonialist Cecil Rhodes at a college at the University of Oxford. The Oriel College memorial in Oxford bears a plaque of Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902) on the outside wall, just around the corner from the much-contested statue of the British mining […]

Culture secretary

Nadine Dorries: The Culture Secretary’s 11 latest gaffes and controversies

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries has once again invited a storm of derision as she proclaimed that this summer’s Commonwealth Games will “finally put Birmingham on the map”. Speaking during her latest media blitz on Thursday morning, the Cabinet minister, known not quite affectionately as ‘Mad Nad’ to some wary colleagues, hailed the sporting extravaganza as […]

Culture club

Shaq performed as DJ Diesel at Culture Club Revelin in Dubrovnik

July 21, 2022 – After a successful performance at the club ‘Diamond’ in Krk, Shaquille O’Neal (aka DJ Diesel) arrived in Dubrovnik, where on Friday night he set the mood for Culture Club Revelin to a climax with mixed sets of trap, hip-hop and dubstep. Shaq does not hide his enthusiasm for Croatia. He confirmed […]

Culture secretary

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries accuses Penny Mordaunt of failing to stand up for women when she dismissed concerns over the erasing of the words ‘mother’ and ‘wife’ from a new maternity leave law

Penny Mordaunt has dismissed concerns over the removal of the terms ‘mother’ and ‘wife’ from a new law governing maternity leave, according to Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries yesterday. She claimed the would-be Tory leader ‘dismissed’ criticism for calling people ‘people’ instead. After being accused of failing to stand up for women, Ms Dorries’ intervention will […]

Culture shock

Emma Watson said coming out in America was a huge culture shock

To say that Emma Watson has traveled a lot would be an understatement. Thanks to Harry Potter franchise, the actor started traveling at the age of 10. Film promotion took her all over the world and she was allowed to visit a bunch of different countries. However, these days Watson seems to be splitting his […]

Culture secretary

UK Culture Minister Julia Lopez resigns as Culture Secretary, Nadine Dorries stays on | New

Julia Lopez has resigned from the UK government as minister for media, data and digital infrastructure and told Prime Minister Boris Johnson he should “step down”. She resigned via a letter co-signed with four of her Conservative Party colleagues: Kemi Badenoch, Neil O’Brien, Alex Burghart and Lee Rowley. The letter acknowledged that Johnson had had […]

Culture shock

Culture shock for Chatham Islanders seeking their driving licenses on the mainland

No traffic lights, no tar seals and a speed limit of 80 km/h. Driving in the Chatham Islands is as laid back as the way of life, but it still requires a permit – which means a trip to the mainland for a rigorous and condensed testing process. Over the past few days, 29 Chatham […]

Culture shock

Culture shock: Liberal exodus from Canberra to lobby as Labor staffers flock

After 9 years of coalition rule, a Liberal run out of parliament means political and social upheaval in the nation’s capital. Exit the old political culture, make way for the new. Stephanie Tran reports on the wave of political change. Once upon a time, a change of government in Australia was an orderly event, at […]