Culture secretary

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries makes a shocking discovery on Channel 4

A video of Media and Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries babbling after realizing Channel 4 isn’t paid by taxpayers goes viral. The Tory Secretary of State confidently suggested before a select committee that it was her job to make sure the British got their money’s worth. She said: “I would say that just because Channel 4 […]

Culture club

Blue Oyster Culture Club to Give Pre-Thanksgiving Concert | Music

For years, the Blue Oyster Culture Club’s pre-Thanksgiving concert was a tradition in the area. After taking two years off, the ’80s tribute group is hoping to make shows an annual event again. “It’s always more amplified, even in normal times. So, not having had the chance to do it for two years, I think […]

Culture shock

“Nothing is the normal price”

A TikToker from New Zealand raises her eyebrows after sharing the great ‘culture shock’ she faced after moving to America. The video is from popular user Jazz Thornton, who posts videos under both the names @jazzthornton_ and @notjazzthornton. On the latter account, the New Zealander revealed something strange that she noticed when she temporarily moved […]