Culture shock

Sterling HolyWhiteMountain on culture shock

In “Featherweight,” your story in this week’s issue, a young Native American experiences something of a culture shock when he leaves his reservation and attends a college populated mostly by whites. What is the nature of this shock and how would you characterize its response? Photograph by S. Schildt Culture shock is another way of […]

Culture shock

Hong ’24: What culture shock can tell us about the freshman experience

As the midterms of first years come and go, most of us feel stressed. For students like me who are on campus for our first full semester, midterm stress can be exacerbated by homesickness and irritability. Sometimes I found myself feeling uncharacteristically angry about little things like the weather. Not knowing why I felt uncomfortable, […]

Culture club

Rowan’s Arab Culture Club Hosts Virtual Henna Party

Rowan’s Arabic Culture Club educates students on the art and history of henna. – Contributor / Stéphanie Green Rowan University students learned about the history of henna, its cultural significance, and how to draw their own personalized designs during a virtual event hosted by the Rowan Arabic Culture Club (ACC) on Wednesday, February 24. Following […]